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Re: Upgrading from very-old Debian

On 11/29/2017 04:01 AM, Jonathan Dowland wrote:
On Tue, Nov 28, 2017 at 03:42:15PM +0000, Richard Zimmerman wrote:
I'm pretty new to the Debian list here

Welcome aboard!

but over on the CentOS list I'm on, migrating from init system to
systemd isn't for the faint of heart as I understand it.

There's more of a culture of upgrade rather than reinstall in Debian
than in CentOS and family, in general. The systemd upgrade was handled
very well and was seamless for most people; however, someone upgrading
from such a long release ago is not something that will have been
thoroughly tested and it's quite possible that an old init script that
was modified (and therefore won't be replaced by package upgrades) could
come along for the ride and cause problems.

I keep /opt on a separate partition. In have a subdirectory there as /opt/ric Next I copy -raf .mozilla there and then .thunderbird, Pictures, Videos, Documents, Downloads, Music, ...etc. just don't copy everything, as oy want fresh .config files when you install fresh. At install time, do not reformat your /opt partition. When you reboot into your fresh install, delete all those desktop directories and create links to your /opt directory locations. Now you can destroy your install root partition and be back up in business with minimal fuss. I've been doing this since the old Caldera days. Works a bloody charm.Ric

My father, Victor Moore (Vic) used to say:
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