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Re: Opening Intellicast Causes Firefox to close

On Wed, 8 Nov 2017, Greg Wooledge wrote:

On Wed, Nov 08, 2017 at 07:59:00PM +0000, davidson wrote:
It is my understanding that fancy package management tools that I
don't use myself (like aptitude, synaptic, etc) can search for
packages that Provide 'www-browser', or for packages with Tag
'web::browser'.  Maybe somebody familiar with such fancy tools can
chime in and explain how to do this.

Myself, I search for web browser packages like so:

 $ apt-cache search web browser | grep -i 'web.*browser'

What you want is a list of package that "provide" the www-browser
virtual package.  The only way I currently know to get this is:

apt-cache showpkg www-browser | sed '1,/Reverse Provides/d'

That is perfect. Thank you.

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