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Re: Re: Reproducible bug


Well, find behavior and hidden files was not the intended topic of this thread ;)
I do already know about Ctrl+H, ls -a, etc.
And indeed my find command is incorrect since I forgot the dot or some wildcard at the beginning.
After correction, I can say there is no .xsession-errors file on my system.
The only matches were

So yes, it may be strange if usually there is plenty of X session errors.

After googling, I looked at /var/log/messages with a lot of, well, messages that I didn't found interesting and related to my problem.
I also looked at /var/log/gdm3/ but it was empty.

Regarding the boot errors, I have plenty of them as with any laptop I've seen running with Linux since laptops tend to have weird hardware.
However, despite the same boot errors since I installed Debian on this laptop, the bug I'm talking in this thread was not present until a few weeks ago.

I also forgot to say that soon after the bug started I found that hitting the super/windows/apple key works despite the click not working.
And I already know some people out there will say "problem solved, he can put up with the bug".

Best regards,
   Laurent Lyaudet

2017-11-12 17:32 GMT+01:00 Laurent Lyaudet <laurent.lyaudet@gmail.com>:
Thanks for your feedback.

Laurent Lyaudet wrote: >> >> My install is up-to-date with latest security updates (that's the >> >> first thing I do anytime I start my laptop).
deloptes wrote:
> There is a rule: "never touch a running system" which means if something > works let it work. through your process you are exposed to bugs without a > way back. this is just an advise to review the process
I think this is a very bad advice. 
You should always be uptodate with security updates since there is plenty of people ready to exploit already corrected security issues.
The people that correct these security issues do this hard work for a reason.
Never let your system stay insecure or say people to do so, unless you want them to be screwed by perverts behind a computer.

> I don't use Gnome, because gtk with the concept behind caused a lot of > trouble long time ago and could not convince me that it will ever get > better so I can't help much. But ... there should be logging facility and > you need perhaps to enable something somewhere to see where it is coming > from or what is happening when the problem appears. > I usually look first in ~/.xsession-errors > someone else perhaps could help on where and how to debug gtk/gnome

Thanks for this indication. I found no such file with :
find / -name 'xsession*'
I will google for gnome error logging.

Best regards,
   Laurent Lyaudet

2017-11-10 21:47 GMT+01:00 Laurent Lyaudet <laurent.lyaudet@gmail.com>:

Thanks for the response.
I did not install any gnome extension or tweaking tools for gnome.
So I'm afraid the cause is somewhere else.
Note that if it's a malware, I'm glad you cannot reproduce the bug ;)

Best regards,
   Laurent Lyaudet

2017-11-10 21:22 GMT+01:00 RRRoy BBBean <rrroybbbean@gmail.com>:
On Fri, 2017-11-10 at 20:26 +0100, Laurent Lyaudet wrote:
> Hello Roberto,
> As you suggested, I took my laptop at work and tested with the wifi
> there.
> I reproduced the bug also there.
> I don't know if I can reproduce it with any wifi network but at least
> it is
> not particular to my home network only.
I tried this on my computer. I cannot reproduce the error.

Last year I was working a lot with Gnome3 on Fedora24. I was installing
and trying out lots of cool Gnome Shell Extension. After a few days, I
noticed that various Gnome-related things started acting crazy or not
working at all. I deinstalled most of these additional extensions, and
now (on both Fedora and Debian) I stick with the default Gnome Shell
Extensions plus a small number of additional extensions that I can't
live without.

Let me suggest that if you have installed additional Gnome Shell
Extensions on top of the defaults, you remove them and see if the
problem goes away. You will probably need to restart your laptop to be
sure you get a clean load of Gnome.

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