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Re: Wanted - a Debian SOHO NAS

On 2017-11-11 01:57, Reco wrote:
> Dear list.
> I've read recent 'Anyone using stretch/buster/sid on ARMv4t' and 'Wanted
> - a Debian handheld' threads, and decided to ask you all for an advice.
> I have this QNAP TS-412 box that runs Debian for several years with
> small downtimes and it works beautifully. But, the thing starts to show
> its age.
> What I'm looking for is a suitable replacement with the following
> treats:
> - Able to run Debian, stock kernel is strongly preferred.
> - Non-x86, and I don't need another kirkwood ARM.
> - Gigabit Ethernet.
> - 4 SATA disk slots.
> - I don't care whenever it's a box or a rack mount.
> All suggestions are welcome.

Price range?

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