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Re: Wanted - a Debian SOHO NAS

On 11/10/17 07:57, Reco wrote:
I have this QNAP TS-412 box ...
[and] I'm looking for [a] replacement with the following treats:

- Able to run Debian, stock kernel is strongly preferred.
- Non-x86, and I don't need another kirkwood ARM.

CPU -- number of cores, number of bits, frequency, power saving features, cryptographic acceleration, random number acceleration, other?

Memory -- slots, module type, form factor, capacity, speed, ECC, ranking, other?

- Gigabit Ethernet.

Quantity?  Aggregation?

- 4 SATA disk slots.

SATA 1/2/3/3.x?

Internal or external?  Cabled, trayed, trayless, other?

Drive form factor, height, capacity, performance (RPM, seek time, latency, IOPS, power consumption, other), other?

Optical drive(s), system drive(s), L2ARC(s), ZIL(s), other?

- I don't care whenever it's a box or a rack mount.

Chassis material (steel, aluminum, plastic, other), finish (paint, anodized, raw, other?), size limits, weight limits, fans, noise, other?

On 11/10/17 08:38, Reco wrote:
> [Price range?]  <= $500

On 11/10/17 09:01, Reco wrote:
> power consumption ... [less than] 37-47 Watts

Expansion card slots -- quantity, type (PCI, PCI-X, PCIe, other), height, depth, other?

Internal or external power supply?

Overall performance requirements -- capacity, throughput, latency, other? Now? Next several years?


Remote management?  When powered down?


Please sort the requirements into a list by priority, with the highest priority requirement at the top and the lowest priority requirement at the bottom.


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