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TEA: Hefty Graphical Text Editor

Hi.. That whole browser tabs open thread from a couple days ago had me
searching for a potential external bookmarker for mine (1.3MB bookmark
cache THIS time around @ 2 months old). A quick "apt-cache search
external bookmark browser" instead landed a package called "tea" with
a one-liner description of "graphical text editor with syntax

Package size in *my* case was 733kb, but that's always dependent on
whether or not other dependencies are already installed. PS For purely
scientific reasons (of curiosity), Leafpad just installed at 90.9kb.

TEA (all caps) may be relatively small, but it has some stuff going
on. There are some important features like... themes, for one. *grin*

It also boasts some interesting "modes": HTML, XHTML, Docbook, LaTex,
Markdown, Lout (never heard of that one), DocuWiki, and MediaWiki.
Those are found under "Markup" in the toolbar.

In addition to those, TEA offers a *long* list of mode highlighting
that includes options such as: asm, awk, cpp, java, php, and there's
that lout again. Mode highlighting is found under "View".

And it just told me that... the Morse code translation for "asdf" is:
.- ... -.. ..-. [sentence ending dot period]

The Morse code option was found under "Functions".

TEA offers five tabs running vertically on its righthand side. Those
tabs are: editor, files, options, dates, and manual.

Ooh, out of (more) curiosity, I just clicked "dates" (again) then
double-clicked tomorrow's date. It sent this back:

"Enter your daily notes here.
To use time-based reminders, specify the time signature in 24-hour
format [hh:mm], i.e.:
[06:00]good morning!
[20:10]go to theatre"

Wow. Will be test driving that. *pronto!*

Anyway, am highlighting this new text editor find since the topic has
come up before... AND... so far the very few "debian-user/tea"
references in my inbox are "not my cup of tea" and "price of tea,
yada-yada". Hope this helps someone. It does look not the ordinarily
expected with respect to text editors. :)

Cindy :)
Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

* runs with duct tape *

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