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Re: RAID 5 array with journal device does not automatically assemble at boot

Tobx wrote:

> RAID assembling at boot only works when no journal device is involved.

I can't help much here, nothing to compare. I forgot to mention that md
driver is compiled in the kernel in my case.

> VERBOSE=false

perhaps set to true and see what it says.

> Options in /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf are:
> HOMEHOST <system>
> ARRAY /dev/md/test  metadata=1.2 UUID=4f0448f6:fee2638c:a1c1b547:20358980
> name=debian:test spares=1

.. and I assume you double checked (blkid) the UUID.

No idea - just trying to help as it sounded similar to what I've
experienced. However in your case the "--write-journal=/dev/sde1" seems to
cause the issue.
According the docs [1,2] I overflew it is used only when creating an array.
[3] says explicitly create, build or grow. For manage you should
use --add-journal


[1] https://lwn.net/Articles/665299/
[2] 2016_vault_write_journal_cache_v2.pdf
[3] https://man.cx/mdadm(8)

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