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[no subject] Re: ! 2.4 to 2.6 'upgrade' 2.6.15 with Sarge Re: 2.6.15 with Sarge [Solved] 2.6.16-1 ==> 2.6.16-2 2.6.16-1-686 header problem? 2.6.16 and DVD drive 2.6.16 and iptables changes 2.6.16 and nVidia closed source 2.6.16 hangs at boot 2.6 compilation woes... 2.6 debian boot floppies? 932c about ip adress about mplayer Accessing /dev/hdc under a chroot accidental firewall Adding GNUsTicker Re: adding other window managers ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth1: link is not ready Re: [ADMIN] Postgresql 8.1.3 Debian installation encoding question allow port in hosts.allow "alsaconf" successful. No sound! Re: "alsaconf" successful. No sound! Amarok goes crazy... amd64: needed packages for ati drivers amd64 sid CD image Am I being attacked? Domain name and DNS server problem [ANN] Debian at CeBIT 2006 Another APT pinning problem re: antispam UOL messages any body successfull ap?? Any CMS for offline content? Anyother VNC server? Re: Any way to play AAC streams? Apache2 and PHP as CGI Apache 2 global and virtual host log configuration apache docs? appletalk Re: apt-get and proxy servers apt-get install: x11-common vs xfree86-common: "trying to overwrite /etc/X11/Xsession" APT -- if I do this will I screw the pooch? aptitude and apt-get refuse to upgrade a package. aptitude --target target sarge xxx doesn't limit to sarge Re: aptitude --target target sarge xxx doesn't limit to sarge [OT?] aptitude uncomprehension Apt: List Recently Upgraded Packages? apt-move affected by keys [was: Re: apt-move archive not being picked up by apt] Apt pinning dos not work apt pinning options? apt-proxy-import help arabic encoding on mozilla Are you interested. ASP.NET on Debian ASUS A8N-E alsa not working (Sarge) ATA_PIIX and initrd ATI RADEON 7500C Atmel at76c50x WLAN-card randomly works in 2.6.15 Audacity fails to launch Australian timezone (australasia) update for this weekend Re: Re: autodns-dhcp automounting of CD Automount of CD in my distribution Automount with LDAP maps failing on boot AW: proftpd auth failing via libpam-ldap backing up a drive backup on DVD Bacula and tcpwrappers on Debian Bacula on Debian stable BadCRC Drive Errors on Software RAID1 Re: Bash bug? Bash, cat and EOF problem best CMS system best graphics card for Intel Server Board SE7320SP2 Best Graphics Card for Multi-headed Linux Best Linux Laptop best way to install asterisk Re: [bhstcc] LinuxWorld Conference/Expo Block messages for a mailbox from outside book Booting fails after moving to another hardware: unable to find root partition booting from floppies, installing from ISO image on USB stick - is it possible ? bootloaders selecting wrong video adapter [was: GRUB doesn't come up in new installation] Branginantiems laika Broken sendmail Brother HL printer, how to install it into the debian system?? Re: Bug in proftpd bug with the mailing list archive Built-in Network Port not detected in Debian Bus error - help! Can a C++ program call exit(0) from a thread? Cannot connect to Debian Server over network Cannot execute /bin/bash: Permission denied Can some help me with my Anjuta tutorial problem can some one answer this please can't find /selinux Can't install Firefox in UML Can't reinstall missing init.d script Can't start X C/C++ interface to HTML parser Re: CC Solutions Spamming Debian-User List C++ does not support long long: QCAD CD Writer Issues chattr maildir Chevron Email Firewall Alert Chown problem cid tasksel postgresql install failure cid update authentication failures clamav question Cmdline mail client that talks to remote SMTP server? command to display system load? Compilation problems with libxalan Compiling debian package for mingw howto?? compiling php with oci8 support Re: compiling sid kernel source 2.6.15 in sarge Computer-library software suggestions? CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G Configuring DSL modem (pppoe) Configuring mail on a system behind a Linksys cable modem router Re: Configuring mail on a system behind a Linksys cable modem router Configuring network printer using gnome/foomatic on Debian Console GUI for User Account Management Content analysis Continue my sb 16 problem: how to autoload module compiled separately Re: Control panel for Debian Control panel for Debian (was: Webmin themes) Copress a directory copying a 12GB file Courier Crash with XFS file system -> random empty files CRC error when mounting ramdisk while booting 2.6.15 Creating a journal as an afterthought crond question Ctrl-Alt-Fx won't switch between virtual consoles after Sarge->Etch CUPS/foomatic/gs printing problem - plain text - first line too high,gets cut off CUPS/foomatic/gs printing problem - plain text - first line too high, gets cut off Re: CUPS/foomatic/gs printing problem - plain text - first line too high,gets cut off cups/gs-esp/gutenprint issues with epson r300--Sid cups renderer problem CUPS to windows 98 The last update was on 10:39 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 3399 messages. Page 1 of 7.

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