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Can't install Firefox in UML


I'm trying to install "mozilla-firefox" in a User-Mode-Linux (UML) "Sarge"
image and I keep hitting the same problem. When it gets to the part about
"Updating mozilla-firefox chrome registry..." it segfaults. If I try and run
"firefox-bin -register" manually it complains that 'libmozjs.so' is missing,
but it's right there in /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/.

I'm currently running on an AMD64 with the blaisorblade patches to both the
Host and Guest (though I don't think the Host patches touch anything on AMD64).
I've also had the same problem running a 32-bit UML in a chroot. Most of the
root_fs I use are created locally using debootstrap but I've had the same
problem using images downloaded from the 'net (even those using 'testing' as
opposed to 'stable').

I've done a lot of googling but I don't see anyone with the same problem. There
must be something I'm missing! Any ideas from anyone?


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