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Re: [SPAM:] firefox crash

I have noticed that crashes from various java applets (and have sent a error report each time to Mozilla), one example is the free online irc client located here: http://www.rlscnetwork.com/sharedresources/chat.html?ServerName=alphaserv.mine.nu&Channel=eXpertZone , it seems that whenever I login to a IRC server through that client and have joined a room, type something and then try to after highlighting what I typed right click it and click copy, Firefox freezes for a bit and then crashes :-( (Note that I'm running Firefox on MacOS X but I'd assume this issue could well be carried over to many different OSes since I'd assume the core functionallity code base is not changed from OS to OS or is changed very little)

On 3/18/06, Paul Scott <paslist@ultrasw.com> wrote:
L.V.Gandhi wrote:

>I am running sid. After last update, firefox 1.5.dfsg+ is
>crashing very often that in few sites. For example the following site
>also crashes.
> http://www.weather.com/weather/local/USCA1296?from=hrly_topnav_undeclared.
>Any body else is also experiencing this.
Runs fine here.  Same Firefox version.

Paul Scott

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