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Re: Bus error - help!

<somebody> wrote:

K6-2, Via MVP3 chipset, kernel 2.4.27, sarge Ran fine as a console-only system. Then I installed kde because I wanted to use rosegarden4. Rosegarden ran biut no midi sound so I fiddled with jackd and other things. No joy but... Now rosegarden and other progs, like konsole, do not run. Logging in console [ie. not running kde] as root and running these programs like: konsole & gives the following:
attempt to access past end of device
03:05: rw=0, want=6854512, limit-4883728
[1]+ Bus error konsole What can I do? From googling it looks like the kde installation may have triggered an issue related to the use of a K6-2 or maybe the motherboard. Is my installation of debian corrupted?
I believe I'd run fsck against the relevant partitions. My uneducated guess is that your filesystem is corrupt.


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