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Re: amd64: needed packages for ati drivers

Toshiro wrote:

>> > Anybody know which packages should I need to install  to be able to use
>> > the ati drivers? I'm trying to use the ati installer
>> > (ati-driver-installer-8.23.7-x86_64.run) in sid and I'm always getting
>> > errors; I suspect I'm missing some packages.
>> >
>> > Thanks in advance.
>> Did you follow the system recommendations?
> Yes I do, but the problem is that the 32bit packages  that page mentions
> are for RedHat/SuSE, I don't know the names of the corresponding Debian
> packages; I've installed some packages with similar names, but obviously
> I'm missing something, that's why I'm asking for help :)
> Regards,
Hi Toshiro,
I am running 2.6.15-amd64 Sid with ATI Radeon 9550. If you're using xorg >=
6.9 then you need to use the ATI drivers from their site. Make sure you
choose the 64 bit version. You just unpack the bin file into a temp
directory and then build and install the .deb packages with the --build-deb
(or something like that) switch. Install the packages with dpkg. Then run
module-assistant to build and install the module. I didn't have to use any
32bit programs in this procedure.

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