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[Fwd: Re: Cmdline mail client that talks to remote SMTP server?]

Steve Lamb wrote:
Matt England wrote:

Does any such thing exist?

    I do not believe so.  People will tell you that you need something heavy
to do something that is so relatively simple.  Nevermind the gui clients
have been doing it for years.

Do I effectively need to write some PHP, Python, or Perl app to do
this...something that uses an SMTP module from one of the
aforementioned language libraries?

Probably. I don't recall either pine or mutt doing SMTP.

I'm pretty sure Pine does, and so I'd assume that so does mutt.

debian[~]% cat .pinerc | grep smtp
smtp-server=<my smtp server>/novalidate-cert



P.S.: Steve, sorry for sending this directly to you...

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