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Re: Best Linux Laptop

On Mon, Mar 13, 2006 at 03:13:06PM -0600, Michael Schurter wrote:
> I know I've seen lots of posts on this before, so I'm sorry for asking 
> the same questions over and over.
> Someone just asked me what the ideal laptop would be to purchase to 
> install Debian Linux onto.  The main thing is WiFi support and good 
> quality.  Don't need lots of storage or a super fast processor, but 
> basic 3D support would be nice.

hp nc6320 (make sure it is centrino processor and not celeron, celerons
are sold with broadcom wireless chipsets, centrinos with intel ipw 2200)

> I've seen lots of posts on here about wireless cards not working, so 
> thats what I'm the most concerned about.

look for laptops with intel ipw 2200 (B/G) or 2915 (A/B/G). they are
both well supported.

> I've heard of lots of people running Linux on IBM Thinkpads, but I can't 
> seem to purchase one from Lenovo without Windows.
> Do any of the major laptop manufactures sell laptops without OSes installed?

not to my knowledge.

-matt zagrabelny

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