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Re: ATA_PIIX and initrd

Jose Luis Ayala wrote:
Hi guys! I don't know if you are working on the ata_piix bug that
prevents me from using the IDE CDROM with the ATA HD... but it's making
going crazy! :)

I've following the recommendations of making a new initrd file with the
modules ide-generic ata_piix sd_mod and ordered in this way. Now, during
the boot, the DVD and CDROM are detected, but the HD is not responding
any more :(

There other interesting modules in my initrd like libata and ide-core.
Do you know any ordering of the modules to make the system work? or do
you know any other way to solve my problems? :)

Which initrd generator are you using? Sometimes yaird can build working
initrd files when the normal mkinitrd fails to do so, sometimes it is
the other way round. Might be worthwhile to try both...

You could also compile everything into a custom kernel. From my own
experiences I would say that that is the safest way to keep everything
working even when the initrd generators have small bugs from time to time.


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