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Re: .deb dependancy hell

"Rosenstrauch, David" <david.rosenstrauch@csfb.com> writes:

> There's rarely (if ever) a circular dependency like that.  What
> you'll normally see is that package A needs package B, and package C
> needs package B.  Thus package B is usually a shared
> component/library that is used by many other apps.

It was a circular dependency that prompted my original article.
libgphoto2-port0 depends on libgphoto2-2, and libgphoto2-2 depends on
libgphoto2-port0.  A needs B, and B needs A.  You can't have A OR B.
You need A AND B, no matter what you are using them for, or what other
dependencies exist.

Many people replied with ways around this, but the dependency exists,
and is circular.

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                                --Bucky Katt

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