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Re: .deb dependancy hell

"Rosenstrauch, David" <david.rosenstrauch@csfb.com> writes:

> In any case, you probably should take this issue with a grain of
> salt anyway.  You are running "unstable", after all.  :-)

Absolutely.  I'm still learning package management on Debian.  The
only box I'm running it on is my personal (as in home) machine.  So
this whole thing is one big grain of salt, and I expect to screw up,
find things I like about Debian, find things I don't like, and bump
into more odd things that I'll question.

Once again, thanks for your help, and thanks to everybody who replied
with help.

Lift me down, so I can make the Earth tremble.
                                --Bucky Katt

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