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Re: [OT] Bruce Perens talks to BBC

Jose Boix wrote:
One out of two representatives of two parties is not what I would call unlimited political choice.

Funny, last national election I counted 5 parties that I was personally aware of.


    Hint, I am not a member of the first two.

This doesn't really matter. I didn't vote for current spanish government
but I could not disagree (even less be offended) if somebody told me
that Spain (short for "the government elected by most of the spanish
citizens" and not for "every single spanish") is heading in the wrong direction.

The problem isn't that they limited it to the "government elected by most of the US citizens." They said applied to to the population at large. Americans are going the wrong direction and Americans have blind faith in their leaders. Neither of which are true. If they had said the government has some screwed up policies thee would have been no offense becaus that is true. The whole nation being behind those policies, as was clearly stated, is not true.

The thing which I really don't understand is why, if you oppose to what
they do, you align with "them" with this "We".

Because I do believe that "We" as a national entitiy should not be out there. "We" as individuals, sure. Two different meanings of we just like there's two different meanings of you (specifically you) and you (generally those not me).

In my opinion, Mankind has survived and progressed in spite of governments.

    I agree.

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