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Nano Nano wrote:
On Sat, Jan 03, 2004 at 12:18:45PM -0600, Joseph A. Nagy, Jr. wrote:

You do not need to remove civil liberties to fight terrorism. Less freedom does not equal more secure.

Okay, what's the plan?

Passivity, of course, is not an option. I'm gonna fight to protect myself and my friends. Terrorists do not have any agendas except causing terror. My plan is to just fucking ignore them (not to the point of making yourself unable to defend yourself of course). IF they blow themselves up, just report it as a car bombing. Don't mention what group did what. That is exactly what they want, to be noticed. What has that gotten us though? More bombings and terror. If we know al-Qeada is going to try and attack the Statue of Liberty, you take steps to protect the Statue but that's it. You don't need to strip my freedom of speech and to move about the country anonymously to protect the Statue.

Joseph A. Nagy, Jr.
Student at Motlow State Community College
Political Activist Extrodinaire
The only fallacy is the inaction on our part to stave off the worst of horrors, the stripping of personal freedom.

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