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Re: :::Debian Network Help:::

On Wed, Dec 31, 2003 at 11:05:13PM -0600, Trinatek Trinatek wrote:
For some reason, i cant get my networking to work with Debian (I've also tried Knoppix)... When installing Debian, for some reason it can never detect the network card or anything, I've tried many different ways to fix it but cant... When I try to install Debian, it stops me at the Network part, is there a way i can skip that part of the installation, or even better a way for it to detect my network card?

When I try to set up the network manually by entering Host IP and etc, it says something simalar to "Network is configured but not yet activated", Im not sure what is going on...

               COMPUTER HARDWARE
(As shown, in order in Window's Device Manager)

Network adapters
        1394 Net Adapter
        Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection
If Knoppix doesn't find your network card, that's fairly bad news.

Do you have two NICs in this box? A 1394 and an Intel? I'm not at all familiar with a 1394, and don't even know for sure that's a NIC. The Intel however should just work with Knoppix, and should work fairly easily with Debian.

You don't say how you're installing Debian (CD, floppy, etc), but I suspect it's via either a full-blown Debian installer CD or a netinstall CD. In either case, you may need the installer with a 2.4 kernel instead of a 2.2 kernel. (During the install, shell out to a virtual terminal - Alt-F2, and run "uname -a" to see what version kernel you have.)

If you do have two NICs, it may be that Knoppix and/or the Debian installer is getting confused about which NIC to use. For now, to make things simpler, I'd remove the 1394 NIC and just do the install with the Intel NIC, which should use the eepro100 module I believe. After you have your network working with that NIC, you can put the 1394 back in and work on getting it configured if necessary.


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