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Re: /dev/cdrom is not a valid block device`


David Goodenough (<david.goodenough@btconnect.com>) wrote:

> On Sunday 04 January 2004 04:03, Stephen Liu wrote:
>>> Do you have scsi emulation enabled? Something like this in your
>>> lilo.conf or menu.lst:
>>>    "hdc=scsi"  or "hdc=ide-scsi"
>> Yes, "hdc=ide-scsi"
>>> You can test it with the eject command:
>>>    eject /dev/hdc
>> As ROOT it works, not as USER
> Add yourself to the cdrecording group, (or whichever group /dev/hdc is
> owned by).

/dev/hdc probably is owned by the disk group, and it is a bad idea to
add users to that group because it allows direct read/write access to
all hard disks. The user can easily overwrite complete file systems
using dd. Better change /dev/hdc group to cdrom, or use ide-scsi
emulation instead, so you can access the drive through /dev/scd*, which
belong to the cdrom group.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

Andreas Janssen
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