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Re: 56K Modems

On Thu, Jan 01, 2004 at 08:37:17PM -0600, Jacob S. wrote:
> Is it just me or is it hard to find a good external hardware modem
> (non-win/linmodem) these days?
> I'm looking for one for a friend that's using Linux and not ready to pay
> for broadband yet. He needs a non-pcmcia, preferably external but PCI
> will work as well, 56k call waiting modem.
> Any suggestions? (Yes, I've read the supported devices lists on various
> websites and browsed through various websites selling hardware, but I'm
> curious to hear what others are using.)

In the UK at least, external serial modems have become *easier* to find in
the last year or so. Cheaper too. Most computer fairs have several stalls
selling external serial modems for 20 to 25 pounds (internal losemodems are
12 to 20 pounds). Might it be worth you considering ordering from the UK?
You'd need to power it from a US wall cube rather than the supplied one of
course, but AFAIK the telephone line interface department is the same.


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