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Re: 2.6 upgrade (mouse)


It happened for me, too.
I have added two lines in /etc/modules .
or try as root:
# modprobe mousedev
# modprobe psmouse


Micha Feigin wrote:

On Fri, Jan 30, 2004 at 05:58:36PM -0800, Brian Corman wrote:
Sorry about the lack of information. It is a ps/2 mouse, and lsmod doesn't
return any mouse related modules. I checked the Debian documentation on
mouse configuration, and it indicates that I should have a
/etc/sysconfig/mouse file, but the sysconfig directory doesn't exist. Is
that for an old configuration? I also can't check lsmod on the 2.4 kernel;
it won't boot for some reason.

Changing the device in the xconfiguration from /dev/psaux to /dev/ttySx
causes the mouse to respond, but it adheres to the top right corner of the

I think that means that you have the right modules loaded (it took
psmouse in my case)
The fact that the mouse locks to the top right corner usually means
that you are using the wrong protocol.
Try using /dev/input/mice and the imps2 protocol (iirc with 2.6 all
mice are routed to /dev/input/mice and emulated as imps2)

Thanks for the help.


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Brian Corman wrote:

I upgraded to the testing 2.6 kernel, and my mouse is now frozen. Any advice?

You're probably missing a module ("driver") for your mouse. You don't give us much info; is it a USB mouse? a serial mouse? a ps/2 mouse?

Assuming you still have your older kernel, boot into it, then do an "lsmod" and compare that output to an "lsmod" while booted into 2.6. That might give you a clue as to which module(s) you're missing. Then you can "modprobe <missing_module>".


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