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(un)mounting smb shares

Hi everybody

At our university, I can mount a smb directory at our computing centre
by giving my username and password. I have in my /etc/fstab:

//myusername.files.uni-freiburg.de/windows     /home/jorg/files       
smb     username=myusername,user,noauto,rw     0    0

When I type "mount files/" in my home directory, I am asked to give my
password, and then I can read/write to the network dir without problems.
The problem comes when I want to umount the directory:

umount files/
umount: only root can unmount //myusername.files.uni-freiburg.de/windows
from /home/jorg/files

Can anybody tell my why, and how to fix it? I'd like to umount this dir
as normal user.


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