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Re: [GLUG-tech] Kde Open Office + setting up printing..


> Please could you advise me as to how i can go about setting up Open Office
> to print to a windows machine with an HP printer. The Os is Mandrake, And
> the Gui is KDE.

It is quite involved. The way I did it was set up samba to see the machine 
that is  sharing the printer. Then I installed cups and set that up to print. 
When I could print from cups via samba I then ran the OO printer wizard and 
used the default settings (print to lpr)..printed a test page and was away.

> I also have a problem with saving Open Office files (from with in OO) to
> floppy (M$ fat) nonexistent object, nonexistent file.

Not sure how Mandrake handles this, sorry. 

Allen Baranov

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