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Re: [OT[UnOfficial Unsubscribe FAQ

On Sat, 03 Jan 2004 09:55:01 -0800, Nano Nano wrote:

> Yeah but there *really are* people out there who want to kill us.
> It's your job to prevent them.

Maybe this should be continued elsewhere, because it doesn't have too much
to do with Debian.

On top of that, you're probably wrong. They couldn't care less if there
was no threat perceived, at least subjectively, on their side. And there
is and has been American Imperialism, clad in hegemonical disguise. Which
brings us back to Debian, somewhat, because Micro$oft will finally get any
support from the establishment required to keep it in place as *world*
market leader. Maximal, to substitute it by another USA company. 
Think DRM, DMCA, RIAA. Diplomatic and economic pressure, exerted on independent
countries, will drive too many into despair. You guys underestimate how
irrational people can feel if you continue taking their pride.

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