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Re: [OT] Bruce Perens talks to BBC

On Mon, 26 Jan 2004 23:11:25 -0500
Carl Fink <carlf@fink.to> wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 26, 2004 at 09:57:38PM -0600, Alex Malinovich wrote:
> > I'd suggest that comparing ethnic groups with religious groups is rather
> > like comparing apples to oranges. I'm assuming that you meant to imply
> > either the "expenditures for keeping the MUSLIMS safe from their
> > Christian tormentors". Or, otherwise, "expenditures for keeping the
> > Bosnians and Albanians safe from their SERB tormentors". Both statements
> > are sure to anger a great number of people. The former will undoubtedly
> > anger Christians the world over, while the latter will (and just did)
> > offend Serbs the world over. :)
> Albanians are ethnically different from the Serbs.
> The ONLY difference between Serbs, Croats, and Bosnian Muslims is
> religious.  They are genetically and linguistically and mostly
> culturally identical, or rather homogeneous, although these days some
> weird post-facto nationalists are pretending that there are separate
> languages and cultures.

Sorry, couldn't let this one go by.
Differences between these groups are profound, and have been for a lot longer that 'just these days.'
> I emphasized "Christian tormentors" because the feeling in the Arab
> world that Americans are anti-Muslim offends me deeply.  Most of our
> last several military actions have been to help or defend Muslims,
> often against Christians.  (I personally am neither.)  Not just
> Albania and Bosnia, but Bangladeshi flood relief and so on.

The apparent motive has been to 'defend the muslims.'
But not the real one.

Alex is right.
The potential to cause real offense in discussion of these issues is unavoidable. I would seriously suggest no discussion at all unless those involved learned at least a little about what they are talking about. At the very least, take it off-list.
The Serbs gave a lot of gold to Austria to purchase Croatia back to recreate a united Yugoslavia eight or nine hundred years ago. 'Just lately?'

During the second world war, Croatians locked up Serbs in concentration camps, and bludgeoned them to death with hammers. 'No differences?'

This is more than OT, it has become an example of highly offensive drivel.


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