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On Sat, Jan 03, 2004 at 10:01:31AM -0500, Paul Morgan wrote:
> On Sat, 03 Jan 2004 05:40:14 -0800, Nano Nano wrote:
> Secondly, I was in agreement with RR's desciption of the USSR as the "evil
> empire"... any regime which seeks to deny basic personal freedoms is
> totally abhorrent to me.
> I was just pointing out an actual incident which occurred during one of
> the more hysterical periods of the Cold War, which is paralleled to some
> extent in the current climate.
> There are always people (often good, well-meaning people) in every country
> and government who seek greater control over their citizens, because they
> honestly believe that they know best how people should behave and run
> their lives. When a dreadful event like 9/11 occurs, these folks take
> advantage of people's fears to incrementally encroach upon freedom in the
> name of security.

I doubt two parts:
 1. often good, well-meaning people
 2. honestly believe that they know best

I think that some groups involved with the 9-11 tragedy knew perfectly
that this was a secure way of raping the minds w/o much resistance. It
would be interesting to check the groups that have been studying mind
manipulation and mind control methods, either corporations or governmental.
Notice that I say "involved", i.e., no reference to cause or
consequence. A safe way to determine links when cunningness is
involved is to look for benefitted parties.

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