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Re: 56K Modems

so I should just keep my mouth shut and not suggest there might be 
alternatives?  Like I said, I got that specific modem to work as a newbie, 
thats all.  Did I suggest that it was a better choice? No.


On Saturday 03 January 2004 18:41, Paul Johnson wrote:
> Well, having worked tech support before, and having been on the list
> for a while, it's often best to just give the easiest answer first.
> Yes, you can get many internal modems to work.  But we probably don't
> know what is involved in getting your ACME SuprSurfr SpeedWhiz 56k
> Whatever going, if it's even possible to.
> You lucked out.  You have a *real* modem instead of a bass-ackwards
> sound card pretending to be a modem, in which it configures pretty
> much like any other Serial I/O expansion board, you just get the added
> bonus of not having an additional bonus of not having to plug in a
> wall-wart and add another cable to the tangled mess behind your desk.
> The tradeoff is now your phone line has a pretty good chance of
> passing a line surge directly to your motherboard. Your power supply
> isn't going to stop that puppy, since it won't be going through the
> power supply.  With an external modem, most modems of good quality
> (USRobotics, Hayes) will sacrifice themselves if a line surge hits,
> without passing it to your computer.  Having to replace a motherboard
> and all the CPUs, cards and drives that were plugged into it is a lot
> more expensive than replacing a modem.
> You also don't get lights to tell you what's going on with the modem.
> Those lights really, really help if something is going wrong with it.
> I find it a tremendous pain in the butt in having to deal with
> software to get status of something better displayed conventionally.
> And to quote rick, "But that's my opinion, I could be wrong."
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