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Re: .deb dependancy hell

Greg Folkert <greg@gregfolkert.net> writes:

> On Wed, 2004-01-28 at 10:56, Richard Hoskins wrote:
>> On unstable, i386.
>> Kind of reminds me of RPM:


> No... you forget the package management has never been the issue.

Are you asserting that it doesn't remind me of RPM?  I tell you it
does, and I am the sole authority on what reminds me of RPM.  :)

> RPM == DEB are of nearly equal capacity. It is the Packaging that
> Debian Uses and the Proper dependency checking it does.

Yes.  Whatever.  

If package A needs package B, and package B needs package A, why in
the world are they two separate packages?  

But thanks to you and everyone else who pointed me to the solution.

Lift me down, so I can make the Earth tremble.
                                --Bucky Katt

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