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Re: 2 questions from debian noob

On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 11:27, Timmy P. wrote:
> hello,
> i was wondering if yall could tell me why the network
> install for debian does not support Internal PCI
> cards.  I do not have a laptop, and can not spare 7
> cds to install the os that i have heard so much good
> about.  

I've never used it, but I'm guessing you just need to make sure that you
load the driver for your specific network card (and do the network
config correctly). 

You dont really need to do a network install unless all you've got are
boot floppies. The first Debian CD in the set all by itself is enough to
give you a usable system. Once you've got that installed you can use apt
to install anything else you might need via your network connection.

> My other question, does debian work with AMD
> processors?  I believe they are intell compatible, but
> i can't find them mentioned on the debian site...so i
> figured i would ask the list.

Debian (and GNU/Linux in general) can run on any x86 compatible
processor be it AMD, Intel, Cyrix or whatever.

Hope that helps,


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