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Re: [OT] Bruce Perens talks to BBC

Nano Nano wrote:

Bah is right. The author (not you) asked what was wrong with going the socialist way.

    It doesn't work.

    It doesn't work in small systems.

    It doesn't work in large systems.

    It certainly doesn't work in huge systems like a nation requires.

It hasn't worked in the past. It cannot work in the future. It is amazing to me that *anyone* who understands the slightest bit about Open Source would have anything to do with a socialist agenda. Why?

The Cathedral and the Bazaar. Lovely essay. Anyone ever notice that the Cathedral is central planning while the Bazaar is distributed, localized addressing of issues?

Amazes me that this entire movement and many of its underpinnings are against the core of socialism and yet we get the socialist minions coming in lock-step trying to tell us its wrong at the larget levels.

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