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Re: 56K Modems

On Thu, 1 Jan 2004 20:37:17 -0600
"Jacob S." <stormspotter@6texans.net> wrote:

<snip - looking for a good 56k modem>
> Any suggestions? (Yes, I've read the supported devices lists on
> various websites and browsed through various websites selling
> hardware, but I'm curious to hear what others are using.)

I took a look at a local computer store today and found an external
serial modem for $50 that looks like it should do the trick.

In the process though, I came across an Actiontec "Dual-PC" modem
(http://www.actiontec.com). Not having heard of it and not knowing
whether it would work in Linux or not (it didn't say on the box), I
didn't go with it. Doing some research after I got home though, it looks
like a neat toy. 

Apparently, it has a router built into the device, in addition to a
controller-based modem. Best of all though, it runs a version of
embedded Linux. So it will also function as a DHCP server and NAT
firewall - out of the box, as well as connecting to your ISP
automatically whenever one of the computers tries to access the

All interfacing with the modem appears to be done through
either of it's 2 10/100Mbps ethernet connections(Yea, way overkill for a
56k modem).

Also, according to this -
http://www.seattlewireless.net/index.cgi/RoofTopAdHoc - webpage,
Actiontec released the full source code for the modem/router on their
website http://opensource.actiontec.com 

Basically, it looks like they imitated the design of some of the newer
DSL/Cable modem/router designs, except it's a 56k analog modem.
Surprisingly though, the device was still only $69.

Having had good success with Actiontec previously, I guess I know what
I'll be looking for if this serial modem dies prematurely. :-) Just
thought I'd post about it for anyone else interested, as well as any
googlers in the future. 


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