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Re: 256-color xterm

On Fri, Jan 30, 2004 at 11:55:36PM -0000, Thomas Dickey wrote:
> Matt Price <matt.price@utoronto.ca> wrote:
> >> No - the main thing here is whether your X server has enough colors available.
> >> The 8-bit displays don't.  I've tested this mostly with 16-bit displays.
> >> xterm has defaults for the color resources (compiled in), so that's normally
> >> not a problem.  Otherwise, when color is enabled there's no additional
> >> resources controlling whether the 256-colors are available.
> >> 
> > sorry for coming back so quick, I found some info on the net and
> > just restarted X with 
> > startx -- :1 -bpp 16
> That looks right (for some reason I've forgotten, on one of my older boxes I
> decided to not edit the XF86Config-4 file - probably to see what the automatic
> configuration & updates would do).
> But perhaps your XFree86 config-file doesn't have a display defined for that
> value.  Mine's a bit hacked up (adapted settings from other systems my machine
> boots on since the automatic configuration didn't work well).

well, I'm at a bit of a loss -- I just went through dpkg-reconfigure
xserver-xfree86 and checked to make sure that 'depth' sections going
all the way p to 24 were written into XFConfig86-4 -- no luck!  and I
definitely do have 256 colors enabled on mmy xterm...  gaah!

anyway, not that important, I cna live with 16 colors!  Thanks for
your help,


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