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On Sat, 03 Jan 2004 05:40:14 -0800, Nano Nano wrote:

> I know the title will offend, but you should read the book "Useful 
> Idiots" by Mona Charen.
> The phrase was Lenin's.
> About you :-)

Well, firstly, I'm not offended in the least by being characterized as
"useful" :)

Secondly, I was in agreement with RR's desciption of the USSR as the "evil
empire"... any regime which seeks to deny basic personal freedoms is
totally abhorrent to me.

I was just pointing out an actual incident which occurred during one of
the more hysterical periods of the Cold War, which is paralleled to some
extent in the current climate.

There are always people (often good, well-meaning people) in every country
and government who seek greater control over their citizens, because they
honestly believe that they know best how people should behave and run
their lives. When a dreadful event like 9/11 occurs, these folks take
advantage of people's fears to incrementally encroach upon freedom in the
name of security.

This is a dangerous time for free people:  the security threat will wane
much quicker than personal freedoms will be restored, I fear.


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