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RE: 2.6 upgrade (mouse)

Sorry about the lack of information. It is a ps/2 mouse, and lsmod doesn't
return any mouse related modules. I checked the Debian documentation on
mouse configuration, and it indicates that I should have a
/etc/sysconfig/mouse file, but the sysconfig directory doesn't exist. Is
that for an old configuration? I also can't check lsmod on the 2.4 kernel;
it won't boot for some reason.

Changing the device in the xconfiguration from /dev/psaux to /dev/ttySx
causes the mouse to respond, but it adheres to the top right corner of the

Thanks for the help.


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Brian Corman wrote:

> I upgraded to the testing 2.6 kernel, and my mouse is now frozen. Any 
> advice?
You're probably missing a module ("driver") for your mouse. You don't 
give us much info; is it a USB mouse? a serial mouse? a ps/2 mouse?

Assuming you still have your older kernel, boot into it, then do an 
"lsmod" and compare that output to an "lsmod" while booted into 2.6. 
That might give you a clue as to which module(s) you're missing. Then 
you can "modprobe <missing_module>".


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