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[no subject] 2.4.21-ben ? 2.4.21 on a G3 Re: 2-4-21-rc3-benh0 - hfsplus 2.5 kernel sources? 2 kernel issues: firewire hard drive, ethernet 2 kernel issues: firewire hard drive, ethernet (addendum) ACME Problem. ADB keyboard with glide trackpad. Re: airport wireless problems alpha version of knoppix MiB ppc looks for testeurs ALSA 0.9.4 Alsa Problem altered boot floppy for hd boot? AmigaOne or Pegasos for a smallish server? Apple PowerMac G5 apt problems: B50 woes (was: potato chrp ISO?) benh kernel compile failure best airport card for ibook2? best place to put sysctl directions best way to run stable or testing program on ustable system Bingo! [was: Re: No mouse on console] Boot fails on PowerMac 9500/120 Boot-floppies for PowerBook G3 Wallstreet booting Debian cd freezes on iBook 600Mz (G3) booting on kernel-2.4.21-ben1 Bootsplash / atirage brightness/contrast controls on iMac CRT? brother hl-1440 on usb with CUPS cannot install netatalk can't burn CDs Re: Can't comile mol-modules against benh compiling kernel on G4/867 12" Configuring XFree86 on PowerBook G3 Lombard (Bronze) cpufreq on a iBook 2.2 700MHz [was: Re: cpufreq on TiBook 400 MHz] Re: cpufreq on TiBook 400 MHz crash investigation cursor lost after VRAM upgrade (beige G3 DT) Debian on a Powerbook G4 17" devel kernel Development help needed for prom-libc/yaboot2 Re: direct reboot into MacOS X needed after a system update? dist-uprgrade Docs for installing X on a Powerbook G4 does WinTV Go work with PPC? Donation: IBM AS400 dselect: Where is the kernel? DVD burning question Epson serial printer configuration. Errors Installing Debian 3.0r1 on Performa 6360 Error when Gnome2 Starts Evolution Segmentation fault in unstable Fan on Macs (was: Re: AmigaOne or Pegasos for a smallish server?) fireplace wsasysnotready Debianpowerpc nasemisebenzini Firewire card suported by Linux? Re: Firewire card supported by Linux? firewire CD-R/RW with PowerPC linux ... firewire issues with 2.4.21 from ? firewire on b&w g3 Fn keys (was: Supported systems) framebuffer on a wallstree french keyboard on Pismo Gentoo PPC LiveCDs Re: German keyboard and X on PB Ti 1GHz Getting a Delete key on an iBook (was: Re: ibook and delete) RE: Getting Dual Independent Heads to work on Debian(sid) on iBoo k Getting Dual Independent Heads to work on Debian(sid) on iBook Re: getting external monitors to work with 15" powerbook gkrellm gnome2.2 broken? Gnome 2.2 Volume and Panel Questions Gnome system tools' location manager Great Debian / KDE! But, I can`t print and can`t hear any sound! has anyone solved the oldworld mac framebuffer problem yet? HD sleep timeout Help needed with X How to get dmasound Device Driver after install? IBM7248-HOWTO version 2.0 ready ibook2 help ibook and delete Re: ibook and sleep ibook and war driving iBook G3 14" or PowerBook G4 15"? ibook troubles after dist-upgrade Re: iBook us-keyboard problem IDE/GUI-editor for PHP/Perl/HTML/Javascript Files in KDE I give up (was: Newbie needs help: apt configuration problem installing woody on PM9600) Re: I can´t configure X - Windows on my iMac! I can´t configure X - Windows on my iMac! iMac static Re: iMac USB keyboard LEDs installation on powerbook 17'' Installation problems on StarMax Installed for the first time, strange problems Installing printer on PMac 8600 Is make-kpkg supposed to work on ppc ? Item: DRC in alsamixer It just powers off (PB 12") j2sdk1.4 powerpc k3b kde KDE3 Re: KDE3 in woody, powerpc arch KDE for the Single-Button Mouse KDE is about to be removed from my TiBook, why?? KDE problem on startup kdm kernel-2.4.21 HIGH_MEM request kernel benh compilation Kernel-Build: CONFIG_BSD_PROCESS_ACCT kernel compilation on powerbook g4(II) kernel compilation problems the kernel compile, and boot on PB2 kernel compile error at ide-cd.h kernel compiling problems on iMac CRT kernel config for TiBook Re: kernel modules Unresolved kernel panic Kernel panic in a stable system (top error ?) Kernel Upgrades konsole libxslt problem lilo broken after upggrade The last update was on 20:17 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 874 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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