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kernel-2.4.21 HIGH_MEM request

To the maintainer of the powerpc kernel (powermacs).

Now that 2.4.21 is released, would it be possible to have CONFIG_HIGHMEM compiled in as default so that I can use more than 512MB of RAM.

My machine has 1.25GB of RAM but I can only currently use 512MB. I did try compiling 2.4.21pre6 from bitkeeper repository (based on debian 2.4.20 config file) but it complained about alot of things which I eventually gave up on.

512MB is standard on most machines and I'm sure that most people using them as multi user servers would increase their memory beyond 512MB. I think that HIGHMEM should be on by default. I assume it is stable as it has been in the kernel for a long time. Now is the time to get this sorted because I imagine 1GB will be the standard by the end of the year.

Anyone else want to use more than 512MB ???
Maybe there could be 2 versions of the kernel, 1 HIGHMEM and 1 LOWMEM for now ???

Thanks for considering,
Brendan Simon.

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