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Re: ibook and sleep

> Does /etc/init.d/pmud-utils status work? (is pmud-utils installed?)

Yes, that was the problem, didn't have pmud-utils.. so I got it to work in 
2.4.20-ben10.. I then upgraded to Ben's current benh-devel kernel 
(21-rc3-ben0) and now if I close the lid, the display goes off just once but 
when it comes back from sleep, I get a green screen and the only way to get 
rid of it is to shutdown X and restart it. Any suggestions on how to get this 
back to how it was?

My XF86Config-4 is appended below in case you see something in there that may 
be causing the problem. I use "ati" as the driver, not sure if that has 
something to do with it... Also I just noticed that pbbuttonsd doesn't work 
anymore for the brightness/dimming keys though the eject key works.. 
something to do with the kernel I would guess... Any help would be greatly 

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