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Re: B50 woes (was: potato chrp ISO?)

Krisztian Mark Szentes said:
> I try to use the rescue image:
> 0 > boot floppy:\linux.bin load_ramdisk=1 root=/dev/ram video=keep
> chrpboot  starting: loaded at 0x400000
> avail_ram = 4e5000
>                   gunzipping (0x10000 <- 0x415cb8:0x4e3194)...done
> 1934704
> bytes
> start address = 0x10000
> instantiating rtas...rtas at 00565000
>  done
> copying OF device tree...done
> booting...
> the LCD blanks out and nothing happens any more. Not even the reset
> button  reboots the B50.
> I access the machine over the serial console as there is no video card
> installed. I guess the video=keep would tell the kernel not to change to
>  the (nonexistent) video framebuffer.
> What's wrong with the kernel? Should I compile one with just serial
> support  and the correct command line (ramdisk etc.)

I'm not 100% sure if this is required but perhaps you could try adding
the "console=ttyS0" (assuming you are using tty1) parameter to the
boot command line.



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