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Re: has anyone solved the oldworld mac framebuffer problem yet?

Sorry about the html, i use a hotmail account for all public correspndence...is it fixed now?

I admit that I'm a newbie, where exactly do you add kernel (or boot) arguments manually. It's one of those things i see mentioned alot but never see documented. I think I boot with Quick (?). If you look at this thread:


It makes reference to my setup and suggests adding an argument changing the default color depth to 15. The relevant quote is :

I had similar problems on my 7600 w/. 15" Apple Multisync AV monitor
having gotten XFree86 4.03 / fbdev to work - the wrap (only about 1.5 cm
though) at what I thought was 8 bpp, and a really terrible pinkish hued
display at what I thought was 16 bpp.

This with kernel args in BootX of "video=controlfb:vmode:16,cmode:16".

Turns out (after reading some of the debian-x list) that changing the
"Default Depth" in the "Screen" section of the XF86Config-4 file from 16
to 15 fixes *both* the wrap problem and the colour problem.  (So I've
now learned that bpp ? depth.)

Can anyone walk me through this procedure. In my estimation he references two different changes. One in BootX which I may or may not be using and one in XF86Config-4 (or are they the same???).

I've done nothing to my system besides do a standard install from the woody cd. I added a few optional servers but the installer did all of the work. The only tweaking I've done is through debconf and with fbdev (I mentioned the .diff file I used earlier).



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