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Re: Kernel Upgrades

Hi Chris,

if you decide to manually compile and build a kernel, debian has a smart
utility called 'make-kpkg' that generates the right .deb file for you,
which let you insert it smoothly in your install.

Do a "apt-get install kernel-package" to get 'make-kpkg'.

See http://www.cattlegrid.net/~christophe/titanium/#KERNEL for an
example on how to use it.



On Fri, 2003-06-06 at 19:21, Mothra wrote:
> Running Debian 3.0r1 with kernel 2.4.20.
> The kernel upgrade I used is the one that just shows up in the New tab under
> KPackage (not sure what server it actually got pulled from, Im at work and
> cant check right now).
> Im wondering if there is a repository or something I can add to apt-get to
> pull newer kernels, like .21 and such I see mentioned here all the time.
> Or am I just gonna have to manually compile and build em?
> Chris
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