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Re: iBook G3 14" or PowerBook G4 15"?

> Hi!
> I am thinking in buy an Apple laptop. I know iBook G3 14" is a very
> machine, lightweight, small, cold, very cool ;-), and Linux work fine
on it.
> But i don't know anything about PB G4 15"
> (http://www.apple.com/powerbook/index15.html), so i have a few
> before go to the shop:
> - - The first... Is PB fully supported on Linux?. Anyone install Linux
on it?
> (this is very important :-) )

yes... writing a mail from a G4 PB 15" ...

> - - Is PB 15" as warm as PB 12", as cold as iBook 14", or what?. (If
is very
> warm i will choose iBook).

it does no get as hot as the 12" one, i.e. the front (where the akku/hd
is located) stays cool all the time... however on the back it can become
really hot... but you can work with the keyboard all the time not like
with the 12" ones where 15 degree Celsius is the limit 8-)

> - - And finally (this is less important), what about the sleep mode?.

works more or less perfect... I have like 2 crashes when entering sleep
mode per month and I put it into sleep mode 3-5 times a day...

> Of course, any suggestion is wellcome for this newbie on the PowerPC
world :-)

I am very satisfied with that notebook... every hardware except external
TFT/CRT/Video output are supported ... never had that with a notebook.


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