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cannot install netatalk

apt-get cannot find a ppc package for netatalk. I downloaded the sources but 
the configure script fails with the error:

  configure: error: Berkeley DB library not found!

bdb3 most certainly IS installed. In fact apt-get will only let me remove it 
if I type "Yes, do as I say!".    Digging deeper, the configure script calls
macros/db3_check.m4 which contains the lines:

for bdbdir in "" "$trybdbdir" "$trybdbdir/include" "$trybdbdir/include/db3" \ 
"/usr/local/BerkeleyDB.3.3/include"  "/usr/local/include/db3" \ 
"/usr/local/include" "/usr/include/db3" "/usr/include" ; do

which says to me the configure script really just wants the include files. So 
I downloaded the bdb3 sources and copied the includes into 
usr/local/BerkeleyDB.3.3/include which is one of the choices in the for loop. 
 No luck.  

It seems impossible that there is no binary deb package for netatalk on ppc, 
but my searches turn up only i386 packages.  So in the meantime, can anyone 
help me figure out this bdb3 problem ?


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