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Re: AmigaOne or Pegasos for a smallish server?

On Tue, Jun 17, 2003 at 08:42:31PM +0200, Rose Humphrey wrote:
> Le mar 17/06/2003 à 10:44, Sven Luther a écrit :
> > > 	Do you think it production-stable for a server?
> Don't know about the Pegasos, but the AmigaOne has and is being fairly
> rigourously tested as a server : Samba, web, mail etc, all apps which
> Sven accurately points out as being perfectly happy without Altivec.

I guess some king of encrypted protocol would like the addition of a G4
and altived though, not sure if the debian packages currently take
advantages of it, as the Altived library spoken about here earlier is
non-free, if i am not wrong.

> > Well, a G3 altough somewhat slower than a G4 would be much more energy
> > efficient, and you don't really need the FPU or Altivec units, which are
> > the G4 two advantages.
> Just to add to this, the G4 does have one disadvantage: it runs hotter,
> therefore requires more cooling and is noisier as a result.

Yep, the G3 600MHz is fanless :))), too bad it is only a 750Cxe, and not
the better 750Fx, which should run cooler yet at higher speeds.

> > They will survive, at least the chances are greater for Genesi to
> > survive than for Amiga.
> Tssst tssst, what were you saying about FUD? (I'd still like to see

Sorry, i already apologized about this in another mail, i am not really
all that current with all those rumors, and the details of the AmigaOne.

> the Pegasos II tested for a while before recommending one for a server.

Natural, and i did not suggest a Pegasos II for him anyway.

> Elementary prudence). Amiga do not market the
> AmigaOne, the name is merely licensed by MAI's European importer,

Yep, i know that since then.

> Eyetech. They likewise have nothing to do with whether it sinks or
> swims, and even if Amiga Inc goes bankrupt tonight the AmigaOne will
> still be there intact.

Nice to know that.

> And I'll still be selling them :-p

Good for you :)))


Sven Luther

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