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Re: How to get dmasound Device Driver after install?

> On Sat, Jun 07, 2003 at 10:28:00AM +0700, befu wrote:
>> Hi again,
>> I installed Woody on my PowerBook G3 but I forgot to install the dmasound
>> device driver during the primary installation procedure. So my sound is not
>> working.
>> When I try to reinstall the driver with my floppies I get a message that the
>> installation didn't work.
>> When I chose the dmasound package in the dselect list to install, it
>> installs but I still have no sound.
>> What can I do?
>> Do I really have to reinstall everything from scratch? I huge effort as I
>> have compiled the benh10 kernel already.
> Never think about re-installing with Debian.
> In this case, modconf.

Thanks Chris Tillman for your reply,

I tried to use modconf but I couldn't find the dmasound driver in the list.
Also pointing the modconf source to the installer/driver disk didn't work.

When I boot up in kernel benh10, I can see the following boot message:

dmasound_pmac: Awacs/Screamer Code Mfct: 1 Rev 4

which looks like the driver is installed.

And further down during bootup it sais:

dmasound modprobe: Can't locate module dmasound

So it looks like the module is not present.

So I did two new kernel compilations. The first during `make menuconfig'
with the choice of the DMA sound drivers as modules (M). And the second with
the choice of the DMA sound drivers as part of the kernel (y,*).
In both cases the messages from above appear and the sound doesn't work.

I did the compilation like: make menuconfig, make clean, make dep, make
vmlinux, make modules, make modules_install.

Does anybody have an idea?

Is it a bug?


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