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Re: direct reboot into MacOS X needed after a system update?


Just for the records. I've talked to a true mac addict, and he told me
it shouldn't do any harm (of course he didn't tell me that whithout muttering
something about gnu/linux and dual booting.. ;) ).

> Hi
> The subject sounds rather ot, but I guess normal apple users wouldn't
> be able to answer this, since they are not dualbooting.
> Well, I've downloaded the MacOS X Combo update via the system update
> tool, and afterwards, you are requested to reboot. To this day, I got
> it right. But today, I managed to forget to press Alt, and after
> clicking reboot it booted right into debian.. (I'm a good manager,
> no?)
> Ok, so far what was going on. Now the question: is the reboot needed
> to do some postinstall work whilst start up, or is it just the old
> joke, well, you've installed something, please reboot, otherwise it
> won't get loaded? Because, e.g. for a firmware update, you have to
> reboot since the updating process actually happens during the restart
> phase (or slightly after).
> So, has it been a mistake to not reboot into MacOS X, i.e. there is
> some temporary setting which triggers some special operations during
> the first reboot after an update, or is it just there that the newly
> installed stuff gets loaded, and it doesn't matter if you reboot into
> debian first..
> I wouldn't be concernced normally, but the Combo update also fixed
> some security issues, and I am quite about security!

Best wishes,

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