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Re: AmigaOne or Pegasos for a smallish server?

On Jun 18 2003, Leandro Guimarães Faria Corsetti Dutra wrote:
> 	Yet the Apple Cube was a fanless G4... granted it had a special
> non-standard physical layout, but after so much time it should be
> possible to make a fanless G4.  I would be the first in the queue
> for such a system -- if I had the money, that is.

	Well, money is the main problem why I don't have other
	Macs. As you know, machines made by Apple have the reputation
	of being expensive even in the US and the situation is *much*
	worse here in Brazil.

	The problem is that even junks with the Apple brand (like
	ooooold Old Worlds) here are sold in the aftermarket for the
	*same* price as, say, a low-end (but brand new) x86.

	If these "alternative" architectures were available here for a
	reasonable price, then I'd certainly get one myself.

	[]s, Roger...

  Rogério Brito - rbrito@ime.usp.br - http://www.ime.usp.br/~rbrito

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