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Installing printer on PMac 8600

Hi all,

I've just succeeded in installing the base-system of Debian 2.2.20 on my
PowerMac 8600/250. The modem on /dev/ttyS0 is working fine and now I'm
trying to get my printer running.

It's an Apple Personal Laserwriter 320 and connected to the printerport,
assuming it's /dev/ttyS1.

I use LPRng (3.8.10-1.2) and apsfilter (7.2.2-3).

lp <file> becomes visable in the queue with status:

Cannot open '/dev/ttyS1' - Permission denied, attempt 1, sleeping 10 at

lp as root and user gives the same result.

Any suggestions or help is welcome.


ps. Printing on MacOS 8.6 works fine.

icq 16823518

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