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Re: dist-uprgrade

On Sat, Jun 07, 2003 at 10:45:58PM -0700, Torben Brosten wrote:
> >
> >
> >Since you are a newbie, you must not upgrade to unstable.  You are on
> >your own for these kinds of errors in unstable. Please change your
> >sources to testing instead, if you want the most recent software, and
> >I bet you won't have any problems
> >
> Interesting.  I bought the 8CD set from cheapbytes and assumed it was 
> for stable debian ppc 3r1. etc/apt/sources.list is showing the cdroms as 
> "unstable".
> How do I switch to testing? Just comment out the cdroms and change the 
> 'stable' to 'testing' for the other lines in sources.list?

yes, if you have a fast net connection, you can set up sources for a
net mirror (most have a testing archive). /sbin/base-config may be

I wonder, though, if they are really unstable CDs. I wouldn't think
many people would want them. You could check the /.disk/info file on
the CD, I think that is supposed to say which distribution is


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